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Content Strategy

All our content marketing
packages include a custom
content strategy.
We will work to
increase your metrics.

Calendar Content Sharing

We will create a content
calendar for your company’s
must-share content.
Every part of the calendar
will be meaningful for your

Content Creation

With experience in copywriting
our marketing team
will create quality content
and adjust it to your
company's style.

Search Engine Optimization

Our content marketing
management services also include
SEO. All the latest trends and
relevant topics for your niche are
covered with us.

PPC Ads Optimization

Design, mainainance and
improving your Ads on the base of
statistical metrics for Google,
Facebook, Instagram and
other platforms.


There are a lot of product metrics: from general ones like Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC), Customer Retention Rate and Lifetime Value (LTV), to specific niche ones: for example, for applications, this can be an indicator installs/uninstalls – Installs/Uninstalls, average session duration – Session Duration, number of downloads/activations – Activations rate, frequency of user interaction with the product – Stickiness, etc.


Product managers speak the language of metrics: customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer value (LTV), retention rate (Retention), and are busy planning or developing features in the product. In fact, it is not so important which specific metrics are chosen - they are usually similar. It is important that product managers and marketers speak a common language.


Analytics of key metrics helps you understand what actions to take to achieve the desired result. Every industry (if not every company) has its own understanding of success, and it is measured in different ways. We tell how developers of mobile applications can analyze a successful product launch.